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Are you into competitive fitness?

Do you have a kickass team that you like winning races with?  WODWARS is the first, biggest and funnest festival of fitness in Durban.


March 18 – 20 2022

Prepare for our all new exciting 2022 Wodwars Festival of Fitness! If you missed out last year, YOU BETTER free up your calendar for MARCH 2022!



The event will take place at the sunny Durban Beachfront. Come prepared. Expect everything!

Are you into competitive fitness? Do you have a kickass team that you like winning races with?  WODWARS is the first, biggest and funnest festival of fitness in Durban. You’ll be going head-to-head with some of Durban’s strongest competitors doing various challenges that test every aspect of your fitness.

Save the date: March 18 – 20, and man do we have all new and exciting things in store for 2022! If you missed out last time, YOU BETTER free up your calendar for March 2022!

Our sponsor HOOTERS will be hosting an awesome after party on Sunday at the fields!

You can also look forward to the HOOTERS Beer Tent & Wings Bar on the fields both Saturday and Sunday.

The competition is Open Team Based and open to any fitness or training facilities (not just Crossfit) BUT there will be no scaled divisions.

Movements will include all your standard in-house box movements: double unders, pull ups, chest to bar, barbell work, dumbbell work, kettle bell work, running, jumping, climbing, pull, push, carry, lunge, squat, row, gymnastics, swimming, Olympic lifting as well as everyyyything else! 

Only 100 teams can register – and it’s on a first-come, first-served basis – of 4 people per team (2 male and 2 female). 

On top of this, we have a Masters Division of 50 allocated team slots, with the same team basis of 4 people per team, consisting of 2 males and 2 females.

The Masters age group will be from age 35+ and if you wish to compete in the open category, and you are classified as a master, you are most welcome to at your own choice. 

You will only find out what the workout is one hour before the first race starts. 

Yes – it is race-based.

There will be 9 events.

Each event consists of 10 heats of 10 teams.

The top 5 teams in each heat will proceed through to the semi-final. 

The semi-final will consist of 5 heats of 10 teams, where the top two teams per heat will go through to the next round, the final. 

The final will consist of one heat of 10 teams. First team to finish wins the event and gets the prize! 

Therefore, even teams that are knocked out first in each round, will still have 9 races. Top teams who make it through will have 3 races per event (heats, semi-final and final) all in all – 27 races if you’re good enough!

Will you make the cut? See you on the fields!

We are looking at hosting the most comprehensive health, fitness and wellness Vendors Village to date. As a result, booking your spot in our Vendors Village will cost R500 to secure your spot! Vendor spots are on a first-come first-served basis in terms of their location and availability. You will be able to book your exact position in the village in three weeks, when our Vendors-Village map layout is released. Want to book your spot and get first option to choose your location in the Vendors Village? Email nat@wodwars.co.za to reserve your spot in the meantime.

WODWARS will consist of 9 events. Each event has 3 subraces.

If you wish to own your own event, please take note of what it will entail:

For example: 

Hooters SA has bought event 5.

– It will cost you R1000 to own the event. (Hooters SA, Event 5.)

– On top of this you can pay R1000 to name the event. (Hooters SA, Event 5 – “Wings of Glory”)

– A prize must be sponsored for the event winners of your race – including a minimum cost of R1000 per athlete. So, the total minimum cost of the prize is R4000 for all 4 winners.