Become a partner

To explore partnership opportunities with WodWars, reach out to Natalie at


WodWars Event Sponsors

Our event sponsors will secure the naming rights for each event and be tasked with providing a prize for their designated event. With a total of 9 events, we can accommodate up to 9 sponsors.


Vendor Village

If your brand aligns with the health, wellness, and fitness sector and you’re interested in being part of the WodWars Vendors Village, please reach out to Natalie at


FOR Instance:

Let’s say Hooters SA has purchased event 5.

The ownership cost for the event is R1000. (Hooters SA, Event 5.)

Additionally, you can choose to pay R1000 to name the event. (Hooters SA, Event 5 – “Wings of Glory”)

Sponsoring a prize for the event winners of your race is mandatory, with a minimum cost/product value of R1000 per athlete. Thus, the total minimum prize cost amounts to R4000 for all 4 winners.

For further inquiries, vendor bookings, or event sponsorship requests, please contact We’ll respond to you promptly!

We’re excited to hear from you and to welcome you to WODWARS 2024!